Manage Your Call Center More Effectively

* Dedicated direct calling user extensions
* Personal voicemails & Team voicemails
* Outbound calls – Manual, preview and predictive
* Inbound calls – Automated call distribution (ACD)
* Blended calls (inbound and outbound)
* Scheduled callbacks (manual & auto)
* 3-way conference and call transfers
* Interactive voice response (IVR) with campaign/queue
* Broadcast and Preview dialing
* Multi-lead list per campaign
* Campaign defined scripts
* Custom caller ID – campaign specific
* Custom call statuses and call dispositions
* Hotkeys for quick hangup and call dispositions
* Filter leads (dynamically exclude numbers from lists)

Local Presence Dialing

*Innicom gives sales reps the option to call a lead from local area codes as opposed to the company headquarters or an 800 number. Sales reps calling from the same or neighboring area codes see much higher answer rates.


* US FTC compliance
* Internal DNC & State Time Zone Regulation


Customer Support team is staffed 24/7 and acts as an extension of your business, dedicated to your continued success and growth.


* Protection against SIP brute force attacks
* Call encryption support via TLS
* Protection against HTTP DOS or brute force attacks
* Web application firewall
*Redundant servers and backup systems mean minimal downtime and secure, quality voice communications.

Call Recording Storage

* Full call recordings or on-demand
* Option to store call recordings on your own FTP

Lead Management

* Upload and download of customer lists
* Leads filtering
* Leads recycle
* Internal DNC and blacklist
* Leads timezone restrictions

Supervisor Management

* Real-time Dashboard
* Listen-in, barge-in
* Force log-out
* Reports and analytics

Team Management

* Multi-group, multi-campaign assignments
* Skill-rating based agent priority routing
* Support remote and mobile workers
Additional Enhancements

* WebRTC for voice calling right inside your web browser
* Database backup and redundancy
* High-availability (HA) configuration
* Support multi-offices and BPO working
* API and web services based integrations (into CRM)


Integration Made Easy
Manage customer relationships more effectively by using Innicom’s software to optimize existing customers and generate new opportunities. Integrate with CRM software to further leverage the power of the Contact Center software.